CEDAR email: Abstracts and contributions invited for exciting session at European Space Weather Week

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Mon Apr 23 16:27:43 MDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

We warmly invite abstract submissions to an exciting session at this year’s European Space Weather Week entitled: “Unveiling Current Challenges in Space Weather Forecasting”. (http://www.stce.be/esww15/program/session_details.php?nr=6). A brief description is provided below for your consideration.

The European Space Weather Week (ESWW15 http://www.stce.be/esww15/) will take place between 5 – 9 November in Leuven, Belgium and the deadline for abstract submission is May 18, 2018.

Kind regards,
Ryan McGranaghan
On behalf of
Anastasios Anastasiadis, Enrico Camporeale, and Manolis K. Georgoulis


Anastasios Anastasiadis (National Observatory of Athens, IAASARS)
Enrico Camporeale (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, CWI)
Manolis K. Georgoulis (Academy of Athens, RCAAM)
Ryan McGranaghan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Session Abstract:
Predicting the conditions of our space environment is a true challenge, due to the large size of the system and the complex interplay of physical mechanisms. Nowadays, forecasting techniques range from physics-based to data driven statistical models. Massively expanded data availability and sophisticated means to analyze voluminous and complex information open new possibilities to innovative methodologies. This session is devoted to the broad spectrum of advanced forecasting techniques, including physical models, statistical methods, data assimilation, information theory, and machine learning. The goal of this session is to provide a forum for new and ongoing efforts that connect the dots between space weather research and future operational forecasting applications. We invite abstracts covering observations, models, and their combinations. Methods that use innovative and multidisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome.

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