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Ana Elias anagelias at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 07:15:16 MDT 2018

Please, I would deeply appreciate if you could post on the CEDAR distribution this announcement and invitation to the following panel session on "New Programs in the Sun-Earth system" in the XI COLAGE
Here is the invitation:
Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Latin American Association of Space Geophysics(ALAGE) we invite you to participate of the panel ‘New Programs inthe Sun-Earth system’, which will be developed at 17:45 on Friday20th April 2018, during the XI COLAGE to be held in Buenos Aires.

 In this panel session we would like you to share your views andexpertise toward acquiring new knowledge for future Space Geophysicsscience research. We expect to gather scientific working groups wheresignificant questions through structured debate, discussion, revisionand voting will arise. The main aim is to obtain information to tracea roadmap and identify the highest scientific priorities related tomain research areas such as theoretical and numerical studies,ground-based and space data analysis, operational space weather,instrumentation and human resources training among others. Theresults of this joint effort may allow to outline and to coordinatecross-disciplinary future science based through internationalcollaboration. Based on the results from the survey we aim to producerecommendations for research funders on how to support globalresearch using a coordinated and sustainable approach.

 This activity is aligned to other current similar internationalstudies performed by organizations such as the SCOSTEP, that recentlyorganized a process to define the next scientific program (NSP) to belaunched in 2019.

Thank you for your contribution and we welcome you to participate inthe ‘New Programs in the Sun-Earth system’ panel, in the next XI COLAGE.

Best Regards,

Dr. Adriana Gulisano (UBA-IAA)

Dr. Ana Elías (UNT-CONICET)

Dr. Graciela Molina (UNT-CONICET)

Dr. Sergio Dasso (UBA-CONICET)

Thank you very much,Ana

Ana G. EliasUniversidad Nacional de TucumanFacultad de Ciencias Exactas y TecnologiaDepartamento de Fisica4000 Tucuman - Argentina  
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