CEDAR email: EGU 2018 Session Announcement and Abstract Call

Shore, Robert M. robore at bas.ac.uk
Wed Oct 18 10:01:46 MDT 2017

"Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling: New Phenomenological Insights from Data and Theory"
Session ST3.2/2.12 at the EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 8-13 2018

We invite all colleagues working on the physics of terrestrial magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling to submit abstracts here:
Deadline: January 10th 2018.

This session will highlight the latest research into the physics of how magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling dynamically modulates near-Earth electromagnetic phenomena. This coupling operates on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, and impacts phenomena ranging from magnetospheric magnetic field topology, electric fields and currents to aurora, ionospheric conductivity, particle precipitation and neutral winds. Of particular interest are improved descriptions of the physical processes of energy conversion and momentum transfer which underpin near-Earth current systems, owing to the coupling and feedbacks between the magnetosphere and ionosphere.  These are challenging issues which push at the limits of our current sampling and modelling schemes.

We welcome contributions based on data analysis, theory and simulations which seek to improve the nowcasting, forecasting or hindcasting of these phenomena. Studies which consolidate multiple data sources from different regions of near-Earth space are particularly welcome.

Session conveners:
Robert Shore, Kirsti Kauristie, Andrew Kavanagh and Gang Lu

Best regards,
Dr Rob Shore, on behalf of the conveners
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