CEDAR email: Special session on lightning effects at 32nd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of URSI

Liu, Ningyu Ningyu.Liu at unh.edu
Tue Jan 10 09:45:21 MST 2017

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Please see the following announcement for a joint HGE session entitled "Atmospheric, Ionospheric, Magnetospheric and High Energy Effects of Lightning Discharges” at 32nd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of URSI. Please consider to submit papers to our session.

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From: Sebastien Celestin (sebastien.celestin at cnrs-orleans.fr), Ningyu Liu (Ningyu.Liu at unh.edu), Martin Fullekrug (M.Fullekrug at bath.ac.uk)
32nd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of International Union of Radio Science (URSI) - August 19-26th, 2017, Montreal, Canada

Joint Session Organized by Commissions H, G and E: Atmospheric, Ionospheric, Magnetospheric and High Energy Effects of Lightning Discharges

The recent discovery that lightning discharges can cause energetic radiation, relativistic particles, and transient luminous events has marked a profound advance in our understanding of the Earth's atmospheric and ionospheric  electrodynamics. This session explores these novel processes and their impact on the near-Earth environment. The session solicits contributions that advance knowledge in the areas of the global atmospheric electric circuit, lightning physics, transient luminous events, energetic radiation, relativistic particles, and their impact on the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere. One key focus of the session will be novel observations onboard space platforms, such as the lightning imagers on geostationary satellites, the TARANIS satellite, the ASIM payload on the International Space Station, and related ground based observations and their modelling. Interdisciplinary studies, which emphasize the connection between atmospheric layers and the relation between atmospheric electricity and climate change are particularly welcome.
We also invite students to participate to the URSI 2017 GASS Student Paper Competition: http://www.ursi2017.org/side_program/scientific_program/student_paper_e.shtml
The DEADLINE for receipt of abstracts, for application for Young Scientists Award, and for Student Paper Competition is JANUARY 30, 2017.

The abstracts submission website is the following: http://www.aps-ursi.org/ursigass

Please note that Commission H ACCEPTS NORMAL ABSTRACTS. Authors who wish to submit a longer "Summary Paper" with figures and references to the proceeding still have that option but THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY unless the authors apply for a Young Scientists Award. The abstracts have to be submitted as pdf files.

The web page http://www.ursi2017.org/ contains general information and abstract submission instructions and guidelines.


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Ningyu Liu, Department of Physics,
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Tel: +1-603-862-2313; e-mail: Ningyu.Liu at unh.edu

Martin Fullekrug, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Centre for Space, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386330; e-mail: M.Fullekrug at bath.ac.uk

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