CEDAR email: Geospace Empirical Models Tutorials from the 2016 CEDAR/GEM Workshop

John Emmert john.emmert at nrl.navy.mil
Mon Oct 3 08:30:46 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,


The tutorials from the "Geospace Empirical Models" session of the 2016
CEDAR/GEM workshop are now all posted online at 



This session featured tutorials on major empirical models that are used in
the geospace community: IGRF, NRLMSIS, CTMT, HWM, IRI, AE-9/AP-9, and the
Weimer high-latitude electrodynamics models. Each model's formulation and
physics, assimilated data, recent development, operation, and limitations
were discussed. 


We are grateful to the speakers and attendees for their contributions.


Best Regards from the conveners,

John Emmert (john.emmert at nrl.navy.mil)

Dan Weimer (dweimer at vt.edu)

Dieter Bilitza (dbilitza at gmu.edu)

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