CEDAR email: NASA-NSF partnership on dusty plasma microgravity research

Therese Moretto Jorgensen tjorgens at nsf.gov
Thu May 19 19:00:38 MDT 2016

NASA-NSF partnership on dusty plasma microgravity research: Plasma Kristall-4 facility on board the Int'l Space Station

The NSF Directorates for Mathematical & Physical Sciences and Geosciences, the NSF Office of International Science and Engineering, jointly with the NASA Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications Division, have issued a Research Announcement: "Research Opportunities in Fundamental Physics - NASA/NSF Partnership on Science of Dusty Plasmas: Utilizing the PK-4 Facility on board the International Space Station” [see: http://tinyurl.com/NNH16ZTT002N <http://tinyurl.com/NNH16ZTT002N>]. 

This Research Announcement solicits science research proposals from U.S. investigators for research that can be performed on or is directly related to the joint European Space Agency – Russian Federal Space Agency Plasma Krystall-4 (PK-4) experimental facility on board the International Space Station.  The Research Announcement also solicits research proposals for ground investigations related to potential follow-on microgravity experiments to study properties of dusty plasmas and related strongly-coupled many-body systems. Participation is open to all categories of U.S. institutions, including educational institutions, industry, nonprofit organizations, and Government agencies

Vyacheslav (Slava) Lukin, Program Director, Division of Physics, National Science Foundation
email: vlukin at nsf.gov <mailto:vlukin at nsf.gov>
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