CEDAR email: Northern lights on NASAs HyperWall at AGU

Pål Brekke paal.brekke at spacecentre.no
Thu Dec 1 03:37:10 MST 2016

Northern lights on NASAs HyperWall at AGU

A lagre number of short presentation will take place on NASAs Hyperwall during the AGU. On Monday afternoon (6.55 PM) the presentation "Northern Lights: From Myths to Modern Science» (P. Brekke)  will be presented. It includes a lot of animations and video clips from the awards winning documentary «Northern Lights - Magic Experience» - with some stunning new animations explaining the precesses creating the Northern lights. 

The film has just been released on a USB-format in Full HD quality - and with a bonus film that includes real time video of the Northern lights.

Great for use in science communication about the Sun-Earth connection and for education.  Contact me for access to it during AGU.

See trailer here:


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