CEDAR email: Second Call - 11th Annual Polar Technology Conference

Todd Valentic todd.valentic at sri.com
Fri Mar 6 12:38:12 MST 2015

Second Call - 11th Annual Polar Technology Conference
24-26 March 2015
Denver, Colorado, USA


Latest news:

We are excited to announce that Eric Larsen will be the keynote speaker.
Eric is a polar adventurer, expedition guide, dog musher and educator who
has travelled in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth.
He is a great speaker and will discuss the challenges and lessons learned
from forming expedition teams, planning to overcome failure in remote
locations and techniques he applies in communicating with the media and
public at large. For more information on Eric, see is web site at:


The deadline for hotel reservations and the inital abstract submission
is approaching. We are looking forward to a great conference and would
encourage you submit a talk about your experiences in designing and
deploying polar instrumentation!


Dear colleagues,

The 11th annual Polar Technology Conference will be hosted at the
Antarctic Support Contract (ASC) headquarters in Denver, Colorado,
from  March 24-26, 2015.

This conference brings together polar scientists, engineers and
technology developers in a forum to exchange information on research
system operational needs and technology solutions that have been
successful in polar environments.  The exchange of knowledge helps to
address issues of design, implementation and deployment for systems that
are to achieve their research goals in the polar regions.

Past participants have come from the private sector, state and federal
agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academia. Presentations
generally cover system requirements for proposed research along with
descriptions of systems and approaches that have been proven in polar
deployments.  Typical hardware and software topics have included weather
stations, robotics, power systems, telemetry, and remote communications.
The scale of systems ranges from small autonomous data collection systems
to large scale research stations. The polar venues represented include under,
on, and above the ice, tundra, or sea.

Discussions on intra- and inter-national cooperation in site deployment
and maintenance are encouraged. Informal breaks allow for opportunities
for networking and information exchange. A poster session is also
included.  We are pleased to have support from the National Science
Foundation's Division of Polar Programs as an endorsement of the concept of
bringing together providers and consumers of these technologies in hopes
of benefiting from that synergy.  Previous years' lists of presentations
and participants can be found on the conference website.

To register for the conference or submit an abstract for presentation,
please visit:


E-mail questions to register at polartechnologyconference.org


Dr. Todd Valentic, on behalf of the PTC steering committee

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