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Recognizing the societal importance of studies in the field of 
solar-terrestrial physics and to give credit to scientists who 
contribute significantly to these studies and to SCOSTEP activities, in 
2013 the SCOSTEP Bureau instituted three awards:

/SCOSTEP Distinguished Scientist Award /

The award recognizes an outstanding contribution of a scientist to 
SCOSTEP science;

/SCOSTEP Distinguished Young Scientist Award/

The award is given to a young scientist(s) who has (have) achieved 
considerable success in SCOSTEP science and has (have) taken an active 
part in SCOSTEP events;


/SCOSTEP Distinguished Service Award/

The award recognizes a unique contribution to SCOSTEP activities, to 
realization of its programs and events.

The awards are given biennially. The first SCOSTEP/Distinguished Service 
Award/ was given in November 2013 during the SCOSTEP Symposium at Nagoya 
(November 18-22, 2013, SCOSTEP CAWSES-II International Symposium at 
Nagoya, Japan). The First /Distinguished Scientist/ and /Distinguished 
Young Scientist/ Awards were presented in October 2014 during SCOSTEP’s 
13^th Quadrennial Solar-Terrestrial Physics symposium (STP13) (October 
12-18, 2014) in Xi’An, China.

This is a call for nominations for the */Second edition of the SCOSTEP 
Distinguished Service Award/, *to be presented in 2015. The Statute and 
Procedure for the award are given in the Appendix. The Statute of 
SCOSTEP Awards is located on the SCOSTEP web site in the section “Awards”.

The deadline for submitting nominations for */the SCOSTEP Distinguished 
Service Award is _April 30, 2015_/*. All nominations should be sent to 
the SCOSTEP Scientific Secretary, Prof. Marianna Shepherd 
(mshepher at yorku.ca <mailto:mshepher at yorku.ca>).

The award decision will be made by a SCOSTEP Award Committee (SAC).



*Statute of the SCOSTEP award for unique contribution to SCOSTEP 
activities, to realization of its programs and 
events/(SCOSTEP/*/*Distinguished Service Award)*/**

This award will recognize unique contributions to SCOSTEP science 
through a variety of different routes, for example through the running 
of programmes in solar-terrestrial physics, administration of SCOSTEP, 
and life time contributions of service to SCOSTEP. Such awards would be 
nominated via the Bureau membership, although the wider SCOSTEP 
community should be encouraged to contribute nominations either directly 
or through the Bureau membership. One award will be made every 2 years.

Nominations should include

i.a statement of the contributions made by the nominee;

ii.the CV of the nominee

The nominations for the award will be judged by the SCOSTEP Bureau or by 
a representative sub-group of the Bureau.

The award includes a medal and citation.

The award will be announced in the SCOSTEP bulletin (Newsletters); information about the award winner will appear on SCOSTEP Web site,
  http://www.yorku.ca/scostep/  in the Section Awards.

Dr. Marianna G. Shepherd, Adjunct Professor

Scientific Secretary
Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP)

c/o Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science, York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON, Canada M3J 1P3
Phone: +1 416 736 2100 ext. 33828
FAX: +1 416 736 5626
Mobile: +1 647 236 8382
E-mail: mshepher at yorku.ca

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