CEDAR email: GEM-CEDAR sessions at 2015 mini-GEM workshop

Shim, Ja Soon (GSFC-674.0)[CATHOLIC UNIV OF AMERICA] jasoon.shim at nasa.gov
Mon Dec 7 12:25:11 MST 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to two GEM-CEDAR sessions, (1) GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge and (2) GEM-CEDAR Grand Challenges, which will be held during 2015 GEM Mini-Workshop:
date:  Sunday, December 13th, 2015,
time:  01:50-05:00 pm,
location: Nevada Room of the Holiday Inn San Francisco-Golden Gateway, 1500 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

In the first session (01:50-03:20 pm), we will review ongoing project of the GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge and discuss the action plans in preparation for upcoming Joint GEM-CEDAR 2016 summer workshop.

Topics to be discussed and tentative speakers are:
     ·      Metrics and validation of TEC in large geographical areas
               o   Validation of Ionospheric Models using COSMIC TEC Measurements: Kenneth Dymond (NRL)
     ·      Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
               o   Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for IT models: Ludger Scherliess (USU)
     ·      Modeling Challenges in auroral region
              o   Improving conductivity modeling for the satellite and assimilation age: Ryan McGranaghan (Univ. of Colorado)
              o   Joseph Minow (NASA)
              o   Natasha Ganushkina (Univ. of Michigan)
     ·      Discussion

During the second session (03:30-05:00 pm), we will discuss on how CCMC can better support ongoing GEM-CEDAR focus groups, campaigns, and initiatives.

     ·      GEM-CEDAR Grand Challenges: Storms and Substorms without boarders
              o   CCMC Tools to support community: Ja Soon Shim (CCMC)
              o   Event 1, 2, and 3: Tony Mannucci (JPL)
              o   Event 4: Mike Ruohoniemi (Virginia Tech)
     ·      World Day 2016
     ·      Discussion

If you would like to give a presenation, please let us know.
We look forward seeing you at the workshop.

Best Regards,

Masha Kuznetsova
Naomi Maruyama
Ja Soon Shim

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