CEDAR email: Announcing New Program Director for NSF Geospace Facilities - John Meriwether

Kozyra, Janet U JKOZYRA at nsf.gov
Wed Aug 26 16:00:46 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that John Meriwether has accepted a position as the new Program Director for Geospace Facilities, arriving at NSF on August 10, 2015. This is his second time as a rotator at NSF.  He served a short stint as Aeronomy Program Director back in 2000 during a sabbatical year.

John is currently a Professor at Clemson University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate level physics courses, supervises the research of graduate and undergraduate students and carries out a program of research in space physics and aeronomy.   So far during his long and productive career, John has worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Arecibo Observatory, University of Michigan, and Air Force Geophysics Laboratory before joining the faculty at Clemson University.  From the beginning of his career, he has been involved in the exploration of the chemistry and dynamics of the neutral upper atmosphere through a variety of observational techniques, including Rayleigh lidars, rocket-borne chemical releases, and airglow observations with Fabry-Perot interferometers.

John's email at NSF:   JMERIWET at nsf.gov<mailto:JMERIWET at nsf.gov>

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