CEDAR email: 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, SA005: Equatorial Ionospheric Electrodynamic Processes and Transient Phenomena

Huang, Chaosong Civ USAF AFMC AFRL/RVBXP Chaosong.Huang at kirtland.af.mil
Wed Jul 24 09:23:51 MDT 2013

Dear colleagues,


We cordially invite you to submit an abstract to the 2013 AGU Fall
Meeting special session SA005. Abstract submission deadline is Tuesday,
August 6. 


Session title: SA005 Equatorial Ionospheric Electrodynamic Processes and
Transient Phenomena


The equatorial ionosphere behaves very differently under different
solar, geomagnetic, and atmospheric conditions. This session focuses on
how the equatorial ionosphere responds to magnetic storms, penetration
electric fields, magnetospheric energy input at high latitudes, and
atmospheric disturbances, what controls the generation and evolution of
equatorial plasma bubbles and irregularities, and how significantly
atmospheric gravity waves and other ionospheric structures play a role
in seeding plasma bubbles. We welcome observational, theoretical, and
modeling studies that shed light on these topics and aim to improve the
current capability of forecasting low-latitude ionospheric disturbances
and space weather.


Thank you.



Chaosong Huang (AFRL)

Odile de la Beaujardiere (AFRL)

Wenbin Wang (NCAR)

Endawoke Yizengaw (BC)


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