CEDAR email: URGENT: Signatures needed for student letter supporting NASA Heliophysics

Ian Cohen icohen121 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 05:34:19 MDT 2013

Dear CEDAR community,

At GEM a few weeks ago Dave Sibeck gave a pretty depressing report by about
NASA funding for the Heliophysics Division (HPD). Following that there was
a meeting to try to mobilize our community to try to advocate for
ourselves. Attached is a letter that we've written on behalf of us students
expressing our support for Heliophysics funding and why it is a critical
need. I realize that not all CEDAR students will be affected by a reduction
in HPD funding, but it will impact a significant portion.

The message is simple:

*STUDENTS: Read the attached letter and email Ian Cohen at ian.cohen at unh.edu
 i**f you're interested in adding your name to the letter. Please
include** your
student status (B.S. student, PhD student/candidate, MS student),
department, and university in your email.* Nothing more will be asked of
you than contributing your name and support, but the more people we can get
behind this movement, the stronger our voice will be. Along those same
lines I also ask you to share this letter with your classmates and
colleagues, anyone with ties to NASA Heliophysics funding.

ADVISORS: Please consider forwarding the attached letter to your students
and encouraging them to sign on.

*This is time-sensitive.* In an effort to coordinate this letter with other
efforts in Washington, we need to get this letter out as quickly as
possible. If you are interested in lending your support, please respond
ASAP. *The letter will be sent out on Tuesday.*

Thank you all for your support and help in this important issue.

Ian Cohen

Ian Cohen
PhD student, Physics
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Research Laboratory
Space Science Center
University of New Hampshire
icohen121 at gmail.com
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