CEDAR email: Heliophysics Science Undergraduate Teaching Workshop, December 4th at AGU!

Emily CoBabe-Ammann ecobabe at spaceeducation.org
Wed Sep 21 14:22:29 MDT 2011

Heliophysics Science Undergraduate Teaching Workshop, December 4th at AGU!
Sharing Heliophysics Undergraduate Resources:  Identifying Challenges in the
Solar and Space Physics Science Classroom and Their Solutions
As part of the NASA Heliophysics Science Education Forum, we are putting
together another workshop just prior to AGU for undergraduate teaching
faculty in planetary science.
The workshop will be held the Sunday before AGU, December 4th, at the Parc
55, San Francisco Union Square from 1:00-5:30 p.m.

Our goal is to have participants identify one content challenge they faced
when teaching a particular course and how they solved it. Participants would
then present both the challenge and the resource they used ‹ whether they
developed it themselves or borrowed it from another source.  It might be a
specific demo, activity or animation used to convey a specific concept.
The new Higher Education Clearinghouse (HECl), a place where you can share
your classroom materials, is ready to debut!  It has all of the features
that many of you identified at previous workshops and through the faculty
survey.  We want to use it at during the workshop to show how it can be used
to share the materials people present.
We are hoping that you can attend the December¹s workshop!  Bring a
classroom asset to present!
RVSP to Emily CoBabe-Ammann at ecobabe at spaceeducation.org
Emily A. CoBabe-Ammann
NASA SMD Planetary Higher Education Lead
Laura Peticolas
NASA SMD Heliophysics Education Forum Lead

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