CEDAR email: World Day Scheduling

Ingemar Häggström ingemar at eiscat.se
Tue May 17 06:00:18 MDT 2011

Dear All,
The URSI Incoherent Scatter Working Group (ISWG) will have its usual 
planning meeting at CEDAR to coordinate the World Day experiments 
involving the world's upper atmospheric observatories. The procedures 
for scheduling World Day observations are described at
and the other links referenced therein which include a sample proposal.

Written proposals are requested for meeting specific research needs 
using the World Day observations. These proposals should be submitted by 
5 June. The planning meeting is for the ISWG and UAF staffs to review 
all the proposals submitted and determine how the global network of ISRs 
can best satisfy the approved observational requests. The proposer's 
presence during this discussion is not required, but all are welcome, 
especially students.

Please feel free to consult with any facility staff member or the ISWG 
chair for clarification on the process for requesting ISR observing time 
within the World Day program.

I hope to see you in Santa Fe!
Ingemar, Chair, URSI ISWG

Dr. Ingemar Häggström
Senior Scientist, EISCAT Scientific Association
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