[Wrf-users] problem of running WRF with 2+ threads on Mac

Jian Sun jians at umn.edu
Fri Nov 18 12:51:11 MST 2011

Hi everyone,

I have a problem of running WRF on my Mac pro with Lion (Xcode 4.2). I am
using intel fortran composer XE and GCC (4.2).

I am able to run WRF in serial mode or in smpar mode with single thread.
But segmentation fault occurs (forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation
fault occurred) when i try to run it with 2 or more threads. After a lot
searching, the most possible reason seems to be about the stack size. I did
"unlimit" in the command line, which is supposed to free the stack size,
but there is hard upper limit in mac (64MB). Then I adjusted LDFLAGS_LOCAL
option in configure.wrf, increasing -stack_size to 0x1F0000000 (about 8GB). I
still cannot make it run with 2+ threads and get the same error.

Any help or advice is truly appreciated

Jian Sun
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