[Wrf-users] WRFVAR-Background Error Problem

Johannes Rausch jrausch at ubimet.com
Tue Sep 6 04:48:38 MDT 2011


I'm working on a working setup for a 2 way nested WRFVAR with
Radar-Refl. Data Assimilation for my university diploma. I'm using
cv-option=5 and generated BE's for 2 domains(12/4km) over a month of
WRF-Runs(GFS-driven). I managed too get nice analysis for coldstart and
warmstarts, but have also experienced through Verification that the
forecast-quality is not constant good.

At the moment I run it with var_scaling1-5=0.1 and len_scaling1-5=0.1
due to a ncar paper I read which deals with Doppler Radar DA.

Perhaps you could explain me, how I can find out in a "not empirical"
way(which means trying all possibilities of var and len scaling and take
the avaraged best one:) ), what the best configuration for the 3dVAR

I really would appreciate a answer of you, because i cannot work on
right now in a "proper" way. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards 

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