[Wrf-users] choosing initial time conditions

CARLOS ROMAN CASCON carlosromancascon at fis.ucm.es
Sat Aug 20 10:52:07 MDT 2011


I am simulating fog events with ARW-WRF V3.3 and comparing with observations. The problem is that the model seems to be too sensitive to the choice of the initial day to start the simulation. For example, if I am interested on day 4, and I run the simulation beginning on 3, the results are very diferent if I choose the initial day on 2...  The differences can be of the order of 3 or 4ºC, and It´s important for me because I would like to do a statistic comparing with  observations, and this choice of the initial day seems to be very important. Is this normal??

Thank you in advance

Carlos Román Cascón
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