[Wrf-users] a question on RIP

Stavroula Stolaki sstolaki at geo.auth.gr
Mon Aug 8 04:36:43 MDT 2011

Hi all,

I am trying to use RIP in order to plot values of precipitation and  
surface pressure for the domain of Europe. I would like to set two  
different colors for land and water in my maps and at the same time  
overlay on this map the values (in colored contours) of total  
precipitation for the past 3 hours. I find difficulty in doing this  
though, since the land-water map covers the precipitation values in  
the output maps.

I attach part of my .in script:

feld=rtot3h; ptyp=hc; wdbr=0.05;smth=303;nsmm;cbeg=0.1;cmth=fill;>
    hvbr=0; nmin;nmsg=true
feld=slp; ptyp=hc; cint=4;linw=1;pwlb=0;colr=red;pwlb=0;smth=303;nsmm
feld=map; ptyp=hb; mfco=cyan,lemon;outy=Earth..3L5;

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Stavroula Stolaki, PhD Candidate.

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