[Wrf-users] how to run the sensitive test about heat and moist flux?

qiancheng jinxiu jinxiu58 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 20:57:27 MDT 2011

Hi ,WRF group:
  Just now I want to run a series numerical tests via WRFv3.2. Some of them
are related with
 boundary layer flux ( QFX and HFX) . How can I modify them (QFX and HFX)
 and run the WRF test?
 It seems I can modify the module_sf_ruclsm.F,and set the value of QFX and

 Am I right ? Or just modify the variables including isfflx in
namelist.input ?
in the WRF help document,when isfflx=0  means * no flux *from the surface
(not for
sf_surface_sfclay = 2).but this file also says 0 = *constant fluxes* defined
1 = use model computed u*, and heat and
moisture fluxes;
2 = use model computed u*, and specified
heat flux by tke_heat_flux
ifsnow 0 snow-cover effects

Can anyone tell me when isfflx is 0 ,when the flux is zero or constant ?

thank you .:)
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