[Wrf-users] rd_wr_formatted.f90 compiling with ifort and icc

Hamed Sharifi hamed319 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 03:55:02 MDT 2011

Dear WRF Users,
Is there anyone who compile "rd_wr_formatted.f90" with ifort&icc compiler?
I used FLAGS from configure.wps but the make file got me this error:

ifort -c -FR -convert big_endian rd_wr_formatted.f90
rd_wr_formatted.f90(25): error #6423: This name has already been used as an external function name.   [IARGC]
   if (iargc /= 1) then
rd_wr_formatted.f90(25): error #8497: Illegal use of a procedure name in an expression, possibly a function call missing parenthesis.   [IARGC]
   if (iargc /= 1) then
compilation aborted for rd_wr_formatted.f90 (code 1)
make: *** [rd_wr_formatted.o] Error 1
I'm looking forward for the answer.
Thanks in advance,

Hamed Sharifi,
M.Sc Student, AUT Tehran/Iran      |hamed319 at yahoo.com     | 
+98-9364024805                            |  hamed_sharifi at aut.ac.ir  |
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