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Mikhail Titov TitovM at ap.aurecongroup.com
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I have a program written on C that transforms any input terrestrial ASCII code file (topo, land-use and so on) in WPS binary format: 'rd_wr_binary.exe'.
It is written on C as Fortran always leaves empty bits between 2 lines that is not appropriate. This program is 2-direction one and can be used to check
binary input terrestrial files transforming them in ASCII code. The program is very flexible and easily can be changed and re-compiled.

Of cause after preparation of our own terrestrial files I create new subdirectory (with tiles) and 'index' file in 'geog' and edit "GEOGRID.TBL" in
' WPS/geogrid/' sub-directory to create several pointers on new terrestrial files and to choose an appropriate' interp_option'.

We use to create our own terrain and land-use files (using special statistical methods and GIS) all the time for fine resolution WRF runs
(1000 - 500m) to study wind resources for different on-shore and off-shore sites. USGS 2m - 30s terrestrial data is too coarse and very often is a crap.


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other option is modify the binary files of some existing landuse (modis or usgs), matlab read and write those files whit almost no problem.

Jorge Arévalo Bórquez

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Matt Foster <Matthew.Foster at noaa.gov<mailto:Matthew.Foster at noaa.gov>> wrote:

We have done experiments here in the past, where we modified the greeness fraction based on data from polar-orbiting satellites.  We simply modified the geo_em NetCDF file, and it worked well.  You should be able to take the same approach with land use.


On 5/22/2011 6:06 AM, Hamed Sharifi wrote:
Dear All,
I want to change some values of my landuse in order to see how it affects the whole domain. For example,
change part of the landuse to Forest or Lack.
Does anyone know about this issue?
Thanks in advance,

Hamed Sharifi,
M.Sc Student, AUT Tehran/Iran      |hamed319 at yahoo.com<mailto:hamed319 at yahoo.com>  |
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