[Wrf-users] WRF 3.2.1 compilation errors

Kemp, Eric M. (GSFC-610.3)[NORTHROP GRUMMAN] eric.kemp at nasa.gov
Wed May 18 09:58:25 MDT 2011

The problem is the "intent(in)" and "intent(out)" attributes with the
pointers in module_initialize_real.F.  Technically it is illegal in Fortran
90 to use these attributes with pointer arguments (Fortran 2003 allows it).
Most Fortran compilers accept it, but the gfortran compiler is not one of

The fix is to modify module_initialize_real.F and remove the attributes,
then recompile. 


On 5/18/11 5:31 AM, "Arun" <aruny at iitk.ac.in> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>   I am trying to compile WRF on an intel machine but keep getting error
> related to module_initialize_real.f90 file. I'm attaching my log file
> along with this mail. Please see if someone can help me. Googling didn't
> help.
> Regards,
> Arun

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