[Wrf-users] Problem :Flerchinger USEd in NEW version & ncview SMOIS variable

Hamed Sharifi hamed319 at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 00:24:28 MDT 2011

Dear Sir/Maam,
I have a problem with running wrf.exe. I used 3 telescoping grid but it got me this error:
Flerchinger USEd in NEW version. Iterations= 10

I reduced time_step to 5 second and 3 sec; but the error occurred again.
I changed the  "sf_sfclay_physics" to "1,     1,     1," . Then it went 
right and WRF right properly. But I don't know why the problem is.
Also, when I want to see the SMOIS&SH2O with ncview, it got me this:
"min and max both 0 for variable SMOIS. I can check all data instead of subsampling if that's OK,
or just cancel viewing this variable."
when I click OK, it says:"min and max both 0 for variable SMOIS (checked all data) Setting range to (-1,1)"
 this message appears for other variables such as 
Why and when does this problem occur?Could you please give me some help?
Thanks in advance,
Hamed Sharifi,
M.Sc Student, AUT Tehran/Iran      |hamed319 at yahoo.com     | 
+98-9364024805                            |  hamed_sharifi at aut.ac.ir  |
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