[Wrf-users] WPS Compilation error

Ólafur Rögnvaldsson or at belgingur.is
Thu Apr 14 15:36:03 MDT 2011

Hello Ahmed.

Few things come to mind.

1) I believe that as of version 4 of the GCC compiler the "g2c" procedure is no longer supported. Consequently you can not compile "plotfmt.exe" and "plotgrids.exe".

2) I've just installed the latest versions of WRF and WPS on a Ubuntu 10.10 system. Rather than compiling the JPEG compression libraries, I used the update manager of Ubuntu (called "aptitude") to install the necessary software. I believe Fedora has similar (maybe "yum" or "apt"). I recommend you try installing "libjpeg" using Fedora's update manager.

3) Make sure you have the correct path to the PGI libraries. By default the configure.wps file points to version 5.2 of the PGI suite. Also, check if your libX11 library is located under /lib/X11R (as by default in configure.wps) or if it is under /usr/lib (if so, you have to modify the configure.wps file accordingly).

Once you have checked this and installed the jpeg library, you should be able to compile everything (with the exceptions of "plotfmt.exe" and "plotgrids.exe").

Hope this helps.

Best, Ólafur.

> Hello,
> I am using Fedora 14 ,PGI 10.0 and Netcdf 4.1.1 
> I am working on the WPS 3.3 , when i compile it i found alot of errors
> i have redirected to compile.log file and it is attached in the email
> I  choose the following  option in the configure  
>   10.  PC Linux x86_64 (IA64 and Opteron), PGI compiler 5.2 or higher, serial
> i donot know what cause these errors
> thanks in advance 
> Ahmed
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