[Wrf-users] WRF on bluefire

Don Morton Don.Morton at alaska.edu
Wed Apr 6 18:59:12 MDT 2011

Howdy, I'm getting ready to do some basic WRF testing on bluefire, and am
wondering if there are some centralized WRF resources already installed (for
example, all the geog files), so that I don't have to use up valuable disc
space repeating what possibly many other users have already done.  And, is
there a pre-compiled WPS and WRF on bluefire that people tend to use (at
least until they get into something that requires more fine-tuning)?  If so,
is there a resource out there that might describe all of this?  Or, does
everybody just install their own geog and WRF/WPS, etc. in their own user


Don Morton

Voice:  907 450 8679
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
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