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I am preparing some notes on the WRF Physics schemes. I wish to have
information that
will ensure the appropriate use of the schemes. I am using the schemes in
I should be grateful if you could address the following questions/issues
about any of the schemes for me. I am willing to make the information
available after the compilation.


WRF Physics Schemes (WRFV3.2.1)
The objective of this  is for the following issues to be answered for each
1. What was the objective for with which the scheme was developed?
2. What temporal scale was it developed for?
3. What kind of weather phenomena was it developed for?
4. What spatial scale or resolution was it developed for?
5. Any other information to ensure appropriate use of the schemes
6. Include appropriate references

14.1 Microphysics Schemes
14.1.1 Kessler
14.1.2 Lin et al.
14.1.3 WRF Single Moment 3 (WSM3)
14.1.4 WRF Single Moment 5 (WSM5)
14.1.5 Ferrier (new Eta)
14.1.6 WRF Single Moment 6 (WSM6)
14.1.7 Goddard GCE
14.1.8 Thompson
14.1.9 Milbrandt-Yau
14.1.10 Morrison (2 moments)
14.1.11 WDM 5-class
14.1.12 WDM 6-class
14.1.13 Thompson scheme (version from V3.0)

14.2 Convective Schemes
14.2.1 Kain-Fritsch (new Eta)
14.2.2 Betts-Miller-Janjic
14.2.3 Grell-Devenyi ensemble scheme
14.2.4 Simplified Arakawa-Schubert (NMM only)
14.2.5 Grell 3D ensemble scheme
14.2.6 previous Kain-Fritsch

14.3 Boundary Layer Schemes
14.3.1 YSU scheme
14.3.2 Mellor-Yamada-Janjic TKE scheme
14.3.3 NCEP Global Forecast System scheme (NMM only)
14.3.4 Quasi-Normal Scale Elimination PBL
14.3.5 MYNN 2.5 level TKE scheme, works with sf sfclay physics=1 or 2 as
well as 5
14.3.6 MYNN 3rd level TKE scheme, works only MYNNSFC (sf sfclay physics = 5)

14.3.7 ACM2 (Pleim) PBL (ARW)
14.3.8 Bougeault and Lacarrere (BouLac) PBL
14.3.9 MRF scheme

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