[Wrf-users] Model is not running with CAM radiation scheme

Feng Liu FLiu at azmag.gov
Tue Mar 15 11:22:39 MDT 2011

Notice that you are using NARR as initials, and I am sure Noah land surface model is applicable for your case. You may check the number of soil layer should be 4 in Vtable.NARR (also see num_metgrid_soil_levels             = 4 in your namelist.input) other than 6 which is used for RUC land surface model. Double check surface physics scheme in your namelist.input, and replace RUC with Noah in it as below, you should be fine then.

sf_surface_physics                  = 3,     3,     3,
sf_surface_physics                  = 2,     2,     2,

I hope it will be helpful
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Hi All,

I have been trying to run WRF 3.2 over North-Eastern Canada & USA using CAM shortwave and longwave radiation scheme. But I am having problem with those two radiation scheme although I have no problem with RRTM ( longwave radiation ) & Dudhia scheme (shortwave).

I am attaching the two namelist file and rsl.errro & rsl.out log file.  
Could anybody please help me about the problem.

Thanks in advance

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