[Wrf-users] wrf exe stops without error

Goran Gasparac gorangas at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 07:03:45 MST 2011

Dear users,

thanks everybody for useful tips, after all, I didn't change anything and
it's working now.
Very strange ?!
In fact I got that kind of an error for quite a long time. Sometimes I need
to start wrf.exe for 5,6 - 10,...15 times and WRF start working. Every time
it stoped (if stopping) after calling RRTM? I don't know is this connected.
Hm..in rsl* files (with debug options 5000) there isn't any sign of "error"
or "warning" word.
Anybody got that kind of problem?

Strange is also that WRF run (that WRF run that stopped few times, and
finally, after few tries start working) had excellent results without any
sign of extreme values which will give a clue that WRF is breaking because
of possible CFL......,wrong parameter combination,...?

I also did a check on met_em files with ncview, and there is also everything

Any suggestion what could be wrong?
Maybe configuration, compilation?

Just for recall, here is mine old post:

kind regards,
Goran Gašparac
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