[Wrf-users] ECHAM5 data to ingest in WRF

Obadias Cossa objacoe at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 15 07:37:26 MST 2011

Dear Users

I have to ingest into WRF data from a global model, say ECHAM5. The problem however is that WRF requests data in vertical pressure coordinates, but ECHAM5, gives in sigma coordinates. May one help on how to handle this problem.
What would be the steps to follow on building Vtables, and other necessary inputs for the WRF?

The choice of ECHAM5, was due to the possibility is has of reproducing the past climates. In fact, I intend to simulate the climates of the past in my region (Africa) using WRF.


Obadias Cossa
Student at UCT
Department of Oceanography

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