[Wrf-users] Compile WPS with gfortran and gcc

Huber, David dbh409 at ku.edu
Mon Jan 31 23:28:56 MST 2011

Hello all,

I have run into a situation where I need to have a version of WPS compiled with the GNU compilers.  I need to be able to write WPS intermediate files in NCL using a Fortran stub so that WPS can process them and generate NetCDF input files.  I am using a GNU precompiled binaries version of NCL, so WPS and the stub must also be compiled with the GNU compilers.  This build of WPS will not be used normally, and I don't need any of the utilities, geogrid.exe, or ungrib.exe, just metgrid.exe.  It's a 64-bit CentOS machine running bash.  The architecture specific settings in configure.wps are as follows:

#### Architecture specific settings ####

# Settings for PC Linux x86_64, gfortran compiler,   serial, NO GRIB2
FDEFS                   =
FC              =       gfortran
SFC             =       gfortran
FFLAGS          =       -ffree-form -w -fno-underscoring
F77FLAGS        =       -ffixed-form -w -fno-underscoring
FNGFLAGS        =       $(FFLAGS)
LDFLAGS         =       -w
CC              =       gcc
SCC             =       gcc
CFLAGS          =       -w
CPP             =       /usr/bin/cpp -C -P -traditional

I get several errors with this and the compilation is not successful.  I'm not sure what flags I have wrong here, but any guidance would be much appreciated.



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