[Wrf-users] [wrf-users]ARWpost.exe fail to run

Dmitry N. Mikushin maemarcus at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 14:00:49 MST 2011


This is just a segfault message with no exact place where it happens. You
can try collecting core dump or run the app under debugger, for example gdb.
It's simple, first check "-g" option is added with your compilation options,
if yes, just  issue

[khaled at localhost ARWpost]$ gdb ./ARWpost.exe

then type "r" (without quotes) or "run" in gdb prompt, then after error
occurs, type "bt" for backtrace to see the trace of functions inside
applications. Post your trace here, this way it should get clearer, where it

2011/1/26 Khaled Ganbour <kganbour at yahoo.com>

> Dear All:
> After I have run ARW WRF model I compiled ARWpost fine but when I run
> ARWpost.exe I get an error segmentation  fault .
> I work on small computer but I inserted :ulimit -s unlimited
> and no result.
> I attached the error and comile.log of ARWpost.
> Best regards
> Khaled
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