[Wrf-users] Question about GFS data retrieval

Miguel Frias miguel at gw-frias.homeip.net
Wed Jan 19 05:45:55 MST 2011


I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this but here it goes.

I'm trying to use GFS to get upper air winds at a specific altitude. I 
found out about the partial http transfer using curkl and then wgrib to 
get the data.

Now my question is:

I need to supply as variables the latitude, longitude, altitude and that 
I want wind direction and speed. As an example, I would need the winds 
at 38N020W at 33000ft (11000m or a specific pressure level) which would 
then give me, for instance, 274/38  (274 degrees wind direction and 38 
knots [or whatever metric used]).

I know that GFS has all this information, it's how to ask for it and how 
to properly decode it that I'm in doubt.

Finally, the information I want must be treated in raw. Don't want any 
images/graphs or the like.

What I'm using:

However the above doesn't let me specify latitude, longitude or altitude.

Thanks for any help,
Miguel Frias

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