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I didn't see any response to your mail so here is one :

2.5° is not 250km !!!!
Along an earth circumference (a meridian for example) 1 minute of angle is 1
nautic mile (nm) which is 1852m. you may apply this rule to latitudes
(1°=60min=60nm=~111km). For longitudes unless  you live on equator you have
to multiply by cos(phi) where phi is the longitude.

Thierry HEDDE

2010/12/7 Asnor Muizan Ishak <asnorjps at yahoo.com.my>

>  Dear Everyone,
> May I ask you all a question about the degree of resolution for global data
> for intance ECMWF. This global data is consider as a input for WRF or MM5 as
> well. According to ECMWF, the data could be downloaded from 2.5 degree up to
> 0.0 degree. The 2.5 degree is equal to 250km, am I right? But in my case I
> have used 1.0 degree data and therefore should I set my courses domain with
> 100km resolution as well due to the 1.0 degree resolution? Is this will make
> huge error after post processing? At the moment my course domain is 81km and
> 27km and finest domain are 3km and 1km (I have 2 cases here). Therefore,
> does anyone can help me about this conflict of information. I tried to find
> this information via the guide line or procedures but until now I cant find
> it. Please everyone to help me about this information.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Asnor
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