[Wrf-users] A WRF Equivalent to MM5's old INTERPB program.

Capehart, William J William.Capehart at sdsmt.edu
Fri Dec 10 16:08:50 MST 2010

Hi All

I am working with a student to nest down some older WRF regional climate simulations we have done.  The problem however, is that we may wish to change the model's projection and as such ndown.exe with all of its namelist and file name shuffling becomes even less appealing.

Similarly were hoping that pinterp, the closet thing in WRF to the old INTERPB file,  would satisfy our requirements but it only produces a wrfout or met_em file that matches the original fields size and spatial extents.  While a pinterp/INTERPB would take us back to isobaric ungrib/pregridder output files, I could live with that if we use a lot of layers… Would this solution be hiding somewhere in the proverbial MM5 nostalgia cloud for WRF?  Our next option would be to draft a wrfout 2 "FILE program but we'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel.


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