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Hein Zelle hein.zelle at bmtargoss.com
Wed Dec 8 02:27:55 MST 2010

Dear WRF Help,

thanks for the additional comments, good points.

> Just a comment on Hein's comment: there may be another reason he
> sees the > bottleneck at 64+ CPUs. For a given domain size, the
> performance will eventually flat out simply because there isn't
> enough computations to scale up.  There is a balance between
> computation and communication (via halos for decomposed domains). If
> one uses nests, then the performance might be limited by the
> smallest domain.

We verified that on the older xeons it was absolutely memory-bandwidth
related (big scaling problems already going from 8 to 16 to 32 cores,
and they disappear with newer nehalems).  However, we have also seen
the "smallest domain" limitation.  If your smallest domain can't be
divided up efficiently over the cpu's, you don't gain anything.

This is why we often optimize historical simulations differently:
- use a relatively small inner domain (e.g. 60x60 grid points)
- use a maximum of 8 or 16 cores per simulation
- run multiple simulations in parallel, each doing a historical year.

That's why we often have several parallel simulations at one time.
This will actually cause bottlenecks on the storage server.  We
haven't run into network problems (YET!) since we switched to

Jonas, can you report back if you find out about the SSD performance?

Kind regards,
	Hein Zelle


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