[Wrf-users] Resolution of global data

Asnor Muizan Ishak asnorjps at yahoo.com.my
Tue Dec 7 11:53:16 MST 2010

Dear Everyone,

May I ask you all a question about the degree of resolution for global data for 
intance ECMWF. This global data is consider as a input for WRF or MM5 as well. 
According to ECMWF, the data could be downloaded from 2.5 degree up to 0.0 
degree. The 2.5 degree is equal to 250km, am I right? But in my case I have used 
1.0 degree data and therefore should I set my courses domain with 100km 
resolution as well due to the 1.0 degree resolution? Is this will make huge 
error after post processing? At the moment my course domain is 81km and 27km and 
finest domain are 3km and 1km (I have 2 cases here). Therefore, does anyone can 
help me about this conflict of information. I tried to find this information via 
the guide line or procedures but until now I cant find it. Please everyone to 
help me about this information.

Many thanks in advance.


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