[Wrf-users] Problems with the postprocessing , using the WPPV3

Florencia Luraschi tilkara17 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 12:53:10 MST 2010

Dear Sir
I am working with model version 3.2 configured for 2 nested domains over
South America and I have problems with the postprocessing (using the WPPV3)
of these variables:
HGTclt 0 7,3,0 ** cloud top Geopotential height [gpm], trhat gives negative
TCDCclm 0 71,200,0 ** atmos column total cloud cover [%], which is zero
throughout the region.
The registry is the one that comes by default, as well as the control parm.
I would appreciate very much any guidance on this matter.
Florencia Luraschi
National Weather Service, Argentina
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