[Wrf-users] time output problem

Feng Liu FLiu at azmag.gov
Tue Nov 23 11:15:40 MST 2010

Hi, Claudio,
Because you do not have start_hour and end_hour for your nested domain (d02) in your namelist.input. The both parameters should be set for all domains. Thanks.

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I have WRF version 3.2.1 configured for 2 nested domains (12Km and
4Km) both with 72 hours forecast.
The main problem is the start time in the outputs. At run of 00UTC the outputs for the main domain starts at 00UTC (correct) but for the second domain the times starts at 12UTC (why?), and for 06 UTC the problem is the same (why again?).
What could be the problem?

namelist.input attached.

Cheers !

Claudio Cortes
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Laboratorio de Investigación, Innovación e Informática Aplicada (L3IA)
Unidad de Modelacion y Gestion de la Calidad del Aire (UMGCA)
Centro Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CENMA)

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Laboratory Research, Innovation and Applied Informatics
Modeling and Air Quality Management Unit
National Enviroment Centre, Chile (CENMA)

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