[Wrf-users] The efficiency problem to run WRFV3.2.1 on a cluster with 8 nodes

Feng Liu FLiu at azmag.gov
Fri Nov 12 14:35:55 MST 2010

Hi, there,
I'm trying to run WRF model with parallelized version with 2, 4, 8, or 16 processors on a Linux cluster with 8 nodes (each node is formed by 2-quadcores). Runs got slower with increasing the number of processors (np)! It runs correctly on all nodes but so slow. When I switch to np=2, model is running on the master node only and faster. The overall time of the simulation is bigger than for the single node run... Is the problem associated with bandwidth? network card? I have no idea. Anyone have experienced the same problem? Thanks.

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