[Wrf-users] RIP4 - ./rip doesn't work

Mikhail Titov TitovM at ap.aurecongroup.com
Wed Oct 20 17:56:44 MDT 2010

Dear WRF Help and WRF Users,

I'm trying to work with RIP4 installed on SGI after 5 years I used it last 

I don't remember any problems when I worked with RIP4 before but I have 
very odd problems 
with RIP4 now.

1) ./ripdp runs without any problems, creates all files and stops with:

       forecast time=    7.000556 
        (YYMMDDHH = 10083119 plus      2.00000 seconds)
    But this time is beyond the latest requested time.
    RIPDP is now stopping.

  We're outta here like Vladimir !! 

But any attempt to run ./rip itself fails with the same mistake (bug?):
[titovm at aurecon RIP4]$ ./rip -f Takaka/Taka rs-101cg_d03_wd 
    rip [-f] model_case_name rip_case_name
    -f: standard rip printout should go to a file
        named rip_case_name.out rather than to
        the screen.
 Note: "rip_case_name" should be the root part of
 the name of the ".in" file.  Do not inlcude ".in"
 at the end of "rip_case_name" on the
 rip command line.

Did anybody have the same problems with RIP4? I googled this problem and 
found a couple of notices on 
WRF forum with the same RIP4 problem. But I didn't find any responses with 

Any help or suggestion is highly appreciable.

Many thanks,
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