[Wrf-users] WRF 3.2.1 error when starting the nested domain

Feng Liu FLiu at azmag.gov
Wed Oct 13 15:26:43 MDT 2010

Hi, Xingang,
I supposed something wrong with LANDUSE data according to the error message "d02 1970-01-11_18:00:00  MMINLU error on input" at the end of wrf_log.txt. You are using the 24 USGS land use categories, I think, you may add 
num_land_cat = 24 at the session of &physics in namelist.input.
and try to run the model again. Thanks.

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It would be greatly appreciated if anybody out there could help with the following problem.

I am running WRF 3.2.1 with three nests. The D02 and D03 starts 6 hours later than D01 the coarse grid. The model runs ok for D01, but stopped after output the first time period for D02. The error message is: "... 
Could not find matching time in input file wrfout_d02_1970-01-11_18:00:00".
Details are in the attached wrf_log.txt. Both MPI run and serial (one
cpu) run have the same problem.
Why here says the input file wrfout_d02..?

Another problem I noticed is the message about "must be old WPS". I am running new WPS from 3.2.1 package. In my case, I got data from a GISS model output, and it is converted to WRF intermediate format. So, I ran only geogrid.exe and megrid.exe.

Thank you in advance for any help. The namelist.input is also attached.
Xingang Fan

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