[Wrf-users] Radiance data assimilation

Jorge Alejandro Arevalo Borquez jaareval at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 15:50:57 MDT 2010

Dear List and wrfhelp team,

At this time we are trying to improve results for a high resolution (1km)
simulation over North of Chile. For this, we are trying to assimilate
radiance from NCEP public dataset, for now everything is working fine, but
we have a question in which maybe you could help us.

We know that radiance dataset is not a grid, but the only information we
have about density of observations is that there is at least one for each 3
degree squared. Based on that information looks like a good idea assimilate
radiance only for mother domain, and run WRF, for nested ones, with
input_from_file variable set to false.

Do you know if density of radiance observations are higher than one per 3
degree squared, at least over north of Chile?

Do you recommend assimilate radiance for nested domains?

Best Regards

Jorge Arévalo Bórquez
Departamento de Meteorología
Universidad de Valparaíso
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