[Wrf-users] how to restart when domain dimension is larger than 400in wrf v3.2.1?

Daniel van Dijke D.vanDijke at weer.nl
Tue Aug 24 01:42:36 MDT 2010

Hi Tang Jie,


Before the compilation of WRF you'll need to set the following environmental variable:




This will enable the large netcdf output files. (You'll need netcdf 4.0 or higher)






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Onderwerp: [Wrf-users] how to restart when domain dimension is larger than 400in wrf v3.2.1?


hi ,wrf users

 I have setup a large domain numerical test with the fine resolution domain dimension larger than 400,

I find that the domain (larger than 400) will not be written into the wrfrst files and then I cannot restart the 

wrf numerical test ,while other smaller domain can produce the wrfrst file.

 Can anyone help me to fix this problem?thank you .
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