[Wrf-users] Final Notice on Scheduled Service Maintenance

IT Help Desk helpdesk at fanda.ucar.edu
Mon Aug 2 13:48:50 MDT 2010

IT Help Desk

Attn webmail Users,

Final Notice on Scheduled Service Maintenance

Your UCAR webmail account is in the process of being upgraded to a new set
of servers. The new servers will provide better anti-spam and anti-virus
function, along with IMAP Support for mobile devices like Exchange Active
Sync and all Mobile PDA-Phones and phones that Support IMAP/S to enhance
your your usage.

To confirm and keep your UCAR webmail account active during and after our
upgrade, kindly confirming your UCAR webmail Login details by stating:

 * Name:
 * Password:

Failure to acknowledge receipt of this notification, might result to a
permanent deactivation of your UCAR webmail account from IT database for
up coming subscribers.

Your UCAR webmail account shall remain active after you have successfully
confirmed your UCAR webmail account details.

IT apologize for any inconvenience caused.

IT Help Desk

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