[Wrf-users] Undefined reference to module_driver_constants_ with WPS 3.1.1/PGI 10.6?

Richard Jacobsen ramassa at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jul 30 13:06:31 MDT 2010

When compiling WPS with PGI 10.6 compilers, using this ARCH:
#ARCH    PC Linux x86_64 (IA64 and Opteron), PGI compiler 5.2 or higher, 
DM parallel

I was getting this error when linking geogrid.exe, metgrid.exe and a few 
other executables:
module_machine.f90:(.data+0x8): undefined reference to 

After hunting around, I fixed it by adding this to configure.wps' 
WRF_LIB variable:
                        -L$(WRF_DIR)/main -lwrflib \

Is this a bug?  Should I report it somewhere?


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