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claudiomet claudiomet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 12:42:22 MDT 2010

I have meteorological surface stations connected to a PC using Loggernet.
The data are stored in csv (comma separated values) format (station
id, julian day, hour, temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction,
wind speed, some stations have radiation and others precipitation).
How can I integrate this data in WRF?

I have read that WRFDA is made for this, and the data should be
LITTLE_R formatted, but, what additional info I need for this (station
coordinates, station height, etc)?

Thanks !

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Laboratorio de Meteorologia y Pronostico de la Calidad del Aire (LMPCA)
Unidad de Modelacion y Gestion de la Calidad del Aire (UMGCA)
Centro Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CENMA)

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Meteorology and Air Quality Forecast Labs
Modeling and Air Quality Management Unit
National Enviroment Center, Chile (CENMA)

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