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Eric Urban hydrogen18 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 13:19:06 MDT 2010


My name is Eric Urban, I am working at the University of South Alabama. I am
a computer science major and physics major. I have been tasked with
attempting to improve several aspects of ARWpost. My first objective was to
get them (the Meteorology research group) using the most recent version of
ARWpost and WRF. Their cluster administrator is currently in the process of
doing this.

I have performed a mid level code overview of ARWpost. I understand the
program flow fairly well. However, the source code can be very difficult to
follow because it lacks a clear developmental paradigm. Additionally, it
employs a seperation of problem space that is more along the lines of a
meteorlogical division than that of a software functionality breakdown.

I have found the source code to be sparsely commented. I was wondering if
anyone (developer or otherwise) has any sort of source code level
documentation. Even a functionality documentation would be great.  A simple
overview of the functionality is provided in the ARW Modelling Systems User
Guide, which has been helpful. If this is not available, would there happen
to be any developers available willing to answer some questions?

Eric Urban
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