[Wrf-users] WRF 3.1 lat/lon projection and wrfpost --retraction

Steve smasters at cfl.rr.com
Thu Apr 22 13:40:23 MDT 2010

A few days ago, I posted the note below describing a problem with 
wrfpost and lat-lon projection WRF files.  After corresponding with 
someone for whom the lat-lon data are working just fine, I went back and 
checked my old notes and e-mail.  The problem I described was from WRF 
v3.0, not 3.1.  The last e-mail I received from some of the WRF folks 
indicated that the problem was to be fixed (by NCEP) in the next one or 
two releases of wrfpost.  It appears the problem was fixed in version 
3.1, and you should be able to process lat-lon WRF netCDF files using 
wrfpost and create valid grib files.

I am sorry for sending out this outdated information without first 
checking my notes.

Stephen Masters  masters.steve at ensco.com
Melbourne, FL

My previous post....................
> *  Note that wrfpost (at least the version that comes with NCAR wrf 
> 3.1.x distribution) --does not-- properly handle the lat-lon grids.  I 
> have confirmed this with several e-mails with wrfhelp.  Grib files can 
> be created but they have invalid grid projection information.   I don't 
> know if the other post-processing utilities handle this grid.  You will 
> probably need to view the data using the WRF netCDF files.  I'm pretty 
> sure the NCAR Graphics/NCL scripts can properly display lat-lon grids 
> from the netCDF files.
> .........................................

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