[Wrf-users] configure WRF with LAT-LON projection

Feng Liu fliu at mag.maricopa.gov
Mon Apr 19 11:49:49 MDT 2010

Please check your domains attached, is that correct? If yes, you should check if you processed input grib data correctly. 




From: Luis Del Castillo [mailto:luis.delcastillo at cathalac.org] 
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 8:43 AM
To: Feng Liu; wrf-users at ucar.edu
Subject: RE: [Wrf-users] configure WRF with LAT-LON projection




I did it but i got an error when is running metgrid and says :

Missing values encountered in interpolated fields.

Check to make sure the areal coverage of your domain lies entirely within the initialization data set.

FYI am using WRF-EMS



From: Feng Liu [mailto:fliu at mag.maricopa.gov] 
Sent: Viernes, 16 de Abril de 2010 06:02 p.m.
To: Luis Del Castillo; wrf-users at ucar.edu
Subject: RE: [Wrf-users] configure WRF with LAT-LON projection



Remove dx and dy settings for making global run. The program geogrid.exe will calculate grid distance according to your e_we and e_sn settings.




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Subject: [Wrf-users] configure WRF with LAT-LON projection


Somebody knows how to configure the model with lat-lon projection.


This is my basic configuration but with this I got issues:



 parent_id                  = 1, 1

 parent_grid_ratio          = 1, 3

 i_parent_start             = 1, 6

 j_parent_start             = 1, 6

 e_we                       = 155, 202

 e_sn                       = 86, 184

 geog_data_res              = '10m', '5m'

 dx                         = 0.225

 dy                         = 0.225

 map_proj                   = 'lat-lon'

 ref_lat                    = 14.052

 ref_lon                    = -75.744

 truelat1                   = 14.052

 truelat2                   = 0

 stand_lon                  = -75.744

 ref_x                      = 77.5

 ref_y                      = 43

 geog_data_path             = '/home/wrf/wrfems/data/geog'

 opt_geogrid_tbl_path       = '/home/wrf/wrfems/runs/MesoAmerica/static'




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